PCAPI-7 Holds DENR-EMB7 Updates Forum

Posted: 12/10/2015 Streamer 6 x 8

PCAPI7 hosted a“Pulong-Pulong” on DENR-EMB7 policies and procedures last December 3, 2015, Thursday, 1:00 PM, at the Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City. As an organization of Pollution Control Officers (PCOs) and Environmental Advocates, PCAPI7 ensures that its members are abreast of important developments and changes in DENR-EMB7 policies and procedures to ensure compliance. EMB7 personnel were on hand to explain as well as answer questions about these developments. It was also an opportunity for the members to dialogue with EMB7 personnel regarding issues that affect their operations. A total of 174 PCOs attended the Forum.

Forming part of the panel were EMB7 resource persons:

Engr. RizaSaberon
Engr.  Cindylyn Pepito Ochea
Engr. Anabeth Roble
Engr. Luis Antonio Monisit
Engr. Meg Modequillo
Engr. RanzelDiokno

Topics taken up were:  

  1. Online Submission of SMR and CMR;
  2. Accreditation and Online Reporting and Application of Permits and Clearances regarding Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes;
  3. Installation of Mandated Monitoring Equipment and Specifications; and
  4. Mandatory Requirement for the Reuse, Recovery and Recycling of Treated Wastewater.

EMB7 Regional Director William P. Cuñado was the special guest during the Forum. Another guest was Mr. Jun Nishida of UNIDO,representing Cebu Common Treatment Facility Inc., to explain the latter’s new service, the safe treatment and disposal of waste mercury from busted lamps and medical devices. Through a video he showed where the waste mercury will be shipped and purified for use in new products. With Mr. Nishida were Mr. Yamawaki, Ms. Antweiler and Mr. Wakai , representatives of Nomura Kohsan, a Japanese company that purifies and recycles waste mercury.

The following PCAPI-7 Officers were also present to grace the affair and give full support.


  1. Ramir Francis Silva  –  President
  2. Rolwel Bustillo  –  VP Internal
  3. Aldreck Madelo –  VP External
  4. Jasmin Capangpangan –  Secretary
  5. Rose Canillo –  Treasurer
  6. Frederick John Villaflor – Auditor
  7. Rhoda Vasquez –  PRO Internal
  8. Antonio Atillo –  PRO External
  9. Daizy Alcoba –  Board of Trustee
  10. Perlita Saragena –  Board of Trustee
  11. Mary Joy Miranda –  Board of Trustee
  12. Ma. Cleofe Jabaybay –  Board of Trustee
  13. Walter Cabañero –  Board of Trustee
  14. Ernesto Avila –  Board of Trustee
  15. Rolito Magdadaro –  Board of Trustee
  16. Raff Ortega –  Immediate Past President

PCAPI-7 Foundation

  1. Edmund Dantes Ouano –  Chairman
  2. Jesselito Baring –  Treasurer
  3. Oscar S. Ma –  Member

The Forum ended at 5:00 PM and followed by the PAPI-7 Christmas party in the same venue.

PCAPI-7 President

Engr. Aldreck H. Madelo

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