PCAPI-7 Foundation and PCAPI-7 Visit Caritas Villages in Bogo City and San Remegio

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Shortly before summer ended, PCAPI-7 and PCAPI-7 Foundation Board of Officers took to the road once again, this time on a goodwill mission. Last June 4, 2016 – Saturday they visited the Caritas Villages in Barangay Bungtod, Bogo City and Barangay Hagnaya, San Remegio, both found in northern Cebu. These are two relocation sites for families most affected by Typhoon Yolanda back in year 2013. Caritas International is assisting them in rebuilding their lives in new and decent homes located in safer areas inland.

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The objective of the visit was to find out how PCAPI-7 Foundation may help them rebuild their lives and even realize some of their dreams. Several needs and plans were discussed such as their need for alternative water source, rainwater containers (drums), footpaths, livelihood such as animal raising, gardening, fashion accessories-making and soap-making. Details of PCAPI-7 Foundation plans will be finalized after discussions with other key stakeholders and partners.


It was heartwarming to see the positive spirit of the residents despite the tragic event that overtook them not too long ago. They remain optimistic of their future, probably borne out of their deep faith in God and their trust in the bayanihan spirit of their countrymen who continue to help them even three years after.


PCAPI-7 President

Engr. Aldreck H. Madelo

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