PCAPI-7 Drawn-out Environmental Awareness to Energy Development Corporation in Ormoc Leyte

Posted: 3/15/2016 Tongonan Leyte Geothermal Power Plant
Energy Development Corporation Geothermal Power Plant in Tongonan, Leyte. (Photo taken from EDC website)


The Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. Region VII (PCAPI-7) in coordination with Tamkene Philippines, Inc. – Eastern and Central Visayas (In-House Training Services Providers of EDC) conducted an In-House Environmental Seminar to the sub-contractors, suppliers and service providers of Energy Development Corporation in Leyte on March 5-6, 2016 at St. Benedict Parish Pastoral Center, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines.


The seminar course is about the basic Awareness on Environmental Management and Toxic and Hazardous Waste & Material Management with the following topics and objectives:

1. Basics on the current Environmental Policies and Regulation governing the power sector / industry ( 1 HR) with the following outline

 Evolution of the environmental laws in the Philippines
 Relevant DENR – EMB Laws governing the industry
 Why the need and enactment of the environmental laws ?
 Occupational Health & Safety Regulations & other relevant government laws
Objective : Participants will gain basic information / knowledge of what governs the industries and sectors including the responsibilities and the accountabilities …

2. Environmental Impacts of the Geothermal Power Industry (1HR)

 What are the environmental impacts by the project or its pollution load.
 What are the four major environmental aspects affected and its components.
 What are the dynamics involved or the interaction within a given setting.
 What are the tools available to manage these impacts
Objective : The participants will have the basic awareness of the obligation, duties and responsibilities in addressing the various environmental impacts brought about by the project and as stakeholders, what could they contribute to improve on the over-all environmental performance of the industry.

3. Toxic Substances & Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
( Geothermal Power Industry as a Hazardous Waste Source & Generator)- 2 HRS.

 RA6969 – The THW and Nuclear Waste Act of the Philippines (DAO 29)
 Characteristics of hazardous material and haz waste
 Protocols governing the generators and the TSD services providers
 Identification of the hazardous materials from the basic products used
 Hazardous chemicals and waste generation by the following work areas :
 Engineering waste to include oils, lubes, coolants, lead Acid batteries
 Building maintenance waste to include paints, solvents, pesticides, etc
 Electrical waste to include lamps, ballast & transformers with PCB
 Office waste to include E-waste, ink containing toners, cartridges, etc
 Canteen waste to include used cooking oil, FOG and grease trap sludge
 Clinical waste such as med waste, sharps, infectious, etc
 Basic design configuration of a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for SWM
 Basics on the THW on-site storage facility and its protocols
 Basics on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
 Pathways of the Haz mat and its health impacts on humans and effects to the environ
 Basic on OSHA Protocols, including the GHS on HAZ Mat, P.P.E’s , etc

Objective : To provide the basic awareness to the participants in layman terms, on the aspects of hazardous waste and materials, its proper handling, the compliance requirements and the needed tools to identify these materials from its usage to its eventual disposal which must be attuned to the “Internal Protocols, Procedures and System ” being implemented within the Geothermal Plant Premises in compliance to laws and statutes of the country.

Mr. John Lyric

The In house seminar for the 3rd party services providers, sub-contractors and suppliers at the ENERGY DEVELOMENT CORPORATION on the topic “Basic Environmental Management and Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) which consisted of a 4 hrs lecture of 4 batches on March 5 &  6 , 2016 comprising mostly of  the various skilled labor, employees and the  work force involved in the repairs and maintenance of the various areas of operation of the 4 units GEOTHERMAL POWER  PLANT FACILITIES such as on the : well fields, turbines, steam lines, cooling systems, power stations, distribution lines, building structures, machine and fabrication shop and the field and yard operations.

1st Batch

2nd Batch

3rd Batch

4th Batch

Seminar was well received by the participants, who really  are hungry for the ENVI information and knowledge.

Group Pic 1st Batch

Group Pic 2nd Batch

Group Pic 3rd

Group Pic 4th Batch

PCAPI-7 President

Engr. Aldreck H. Madelo

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