Past Leaders

Meet the leaders of PCAPI-7 through the years.

Engr. David P. Baguio

Cebu Shipyard
President – PCAPI 7

  • He put hymn to his own composition, which was adopted as the official PCAPI-7 song from then on.
  • The PCAPI7 song appeared in July-Dec 1984 issue of the PCAPI-7 & 8 newsletter.
  • The PCAPI-7 Hymn is now 24 years old and is continuing its battle against pollution.

Engr. Frank Tuozo

Matimco, Inc.
Charter President PCAPI 7 & 8

  • He was the first elected
  • President of PCAPI-7 & 8
  • The historian of the organization
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Engr. Victoriano R. Esguerra

Eveready Battery
President – PCAPI 7 & 8

Engr. Fredesvinda B. Dura

USC-TC Chemical Eng’g Dept.
President – PCAPI 7 & 8

  • The First Lady President of PCAPI-7
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Engr. Luciano C. Reyes

San Miguel Corporation
President – PCAPI 7 & 8

Engr. Salvador M. Ricardo Jr.

City Engineer’s Office – Toledo
President – PCAPI 7

  • His term marks the beginning of alliance with other NGOs and LGUs.
  • He helped in instituting corrective actions on problems created by substandard pollution control facilities of companies in the region.

Engr. Lorenzo L. Diaz, Jr.

General Milling Corporation
President – PCAPI 7 & 8

  • His remarkable contribution to the organization and to concerned companies was to increase the height of smoke chimneys of power plants to reduce the pollution load of emissions.

Engr. Ruben Y. Dela Torre

Dept. of Public Services
Cebu City
President – PCAPI 7 & 8

  • It was during his term that PCAPI-7 made it big and legalized its existence with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • This year also marked Ruben’s great contribution to PCAPI-7 when he designed the logo as a symbol of PCAPI-7’s role in caring for the environment.

Engr. Vicente B. Vosotros

Focus Industrial Supplies
President – PCAPI 7

  • He facilitated the conduct of EMS for selected furniture, steel, and food industries in Region 7 with the Swedish Consultants and TLRC, Manila.
  • He was instrumental in a tie-up venture with Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Swedish International Agency for the conduct of wastewater technical seminar in Region 7.
  • Tree Planting activity was also one of the activities during his term specifically in Taptap, Cebu City.

Engr. Antonio D. Paray

Ludo & Luym Corporation
President – PCAPI 7
1997-1998 & 2001-2002

  • Tony introduced the Air Quality Monitoring as a pioneered project of PCAPI-7 during his term.
  • In 1999, the 1st Environmental Awareness Campaign was introduced into the children of Mandaue Elementary School.
  • Tony was the only president who served for 2 terms.

Engr. Jesselito V. Baring

JV Baring Consultants, Inc.
President – PCAPI 7

  • Jesse continued what had been left off by Tony and introduced more programs into the organization such as capability building for PCOs and SMEs.
  • It was in 2000 when the PCO Diploma Course was conceptualized and granted fund by CIDA-Pearl for its realization and completion.

Dr. Rene L. Bongo

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
President – PCAPI 7

  • Rene continued the legacy, and, during his term, the complete run of the PCO Diploma Course consisting of 7 modules were undertaken.
  • PCAPI-7 was teeming with activities during his term since execution of funded projects such as Guadalupe River Walk and Initiation of EMS through a CIDA-Pearl 2 Project at TESDA had started.

Engr. Consolacion I.Sumalinog

TMX Philippines, Inc.
President – PCAPI 7

  • At the start of her term, she find the need to revisit the organization’s vision and mission and re-assess its strength and weaknesses.
  • It was during this term that the Key Success Factors of PCAPI-7 officers and members as well as being an organization were aligned.
  • It started in 2005 when linkage between KITA, AEON Foundation and PCAPI-7 is forged through Tree Planting Seminar and Actual Tree Planting in the Watershed Areas of Cebu City. This year, 2008 is the third year of this program.

Engr. Oscar S. Ma

Macole Craft
President – PCAPI 7

  • Oscar Ma’s term marks the strong linkage and collaboration between EMB-DENR7 and PCAPI-7 on holding PCO Competency and staging Environmental Awareness programs.
  • The tree Planting program of PCAPI7 through the sponsorship of KITA & AEON Foundation has continued under his term which provides the avenue to increase collaboration efforts between the concerned sectors on environmental awareness and consciousness among the community.
  • He created the Youth Environmental Society (YES)

Engr. Rodrigo R. Godoy

Berckman Systems, Inc.
President – PCAPI 7

Engr. Edmond Dantes G. Ouano

NKC Manufacturing Philippines Corp.
President – PCAPI7

Egnr. Raff J. Ortega

President – PCAPI 7

PCAPI-7 President

Engr. Aldreck H. Madelo

Upcoming Seminars

Managing Head Environmental Training Dec 2, 2017 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sacred Heart Center, D. Jakosalem Street. Cebu City
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Sacred Heart Center D. Jakosalem Street. Cebu City
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